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We Provide Laser Cutting and Fabrication by melting the material in the beam path. Materials that are heat treatable will get case hardened at the cut edges. This may be beneficial if the hardened edges are functionally desirable in the finished parts. However, if further machining operations such as threading are required, then hardening is a problem.

We provide Normal Fabrication which is used as an industrial term, applies to the building of machines, structures, or process equipment for the chemical or fertilizer sector, by cutting, shaping and assembling components made from raw materials. Small businesses that specialize in metal are called fab shops

We have pleasure in introducing ourselves as a leading manufacturing and exporting of precious sheet metal components, specializes laser cutting and metal fabrication company Laserfab specializes in laser cutter and quick turn metal fabrication of flat, round and structural shapes in mild steel, stainless and aluminum — providing clients with quality high value parts, custom laser cuts and metal fabricator service meeting with the positive economics of an efficient vendor and realistic achievable production plans.

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